Our #1 goal is to offer a stress-free environment where your pet feels & is safe. We utilize animal safe essential oils and blankets to provide a calming environment. Top of the line luxury pet products are used based on your pet's specific skin and coat needs. We only use soap-free & non-irritating shampoo's and conditioners to rebalance the pet's skin and coat. We operate by appointments so that every pet is groomed straight through to minimize their time in a kennel. Do to our unique set-up, we are also able to cage-free under certain circumstances while maintaining a safe environment.

Most importantly we want your pets to feel at ease and at home with us during their visit.

About Brush Bath & Beyond

Our owner and head pet designer Blair has been grooming since she was 14 years old when she was first given a Miniature Schnauzer puppy. Currently, she has a Miniature Schnauzer in Asian Fusion cut, Yorkshire Terrier in full-coat, a Brittany Mix, and an active foster for Texas Pit Crew. What started as a hobby quickly became a passion. She also grew up tending to the animals on her parents ranch, with Catahoulas & Toy Poodles, fowl, horses, and rabbits. She was taught to train hunting dogs and horses using modern techniques and participated in local rodeos where she won Jr. Champion at the Wichita County Mounted Patrol Arena. She has always had a compassionate heart for animals and understands their behaviors beyond grooming. She joined the Navy at 19 and studied Athletic Training at TCU until her path led her back to her deepest passion, dogs. Although she learned the hard way, she strives to make every pet picture perfect to this day while treating them like one of her own. She continues to learn new styles, techniques, and animal physiology through grooming seminars and continuing education. Her biggest hope is that every dog wants to come to the spa!