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Drop off and Pick up Policy

  • We offer drop off as early as 7:45 to accommodate our clients work schedules, but do ask that you please let us know ahead of time to ensure that someone is here for your early morning drop off, as we don't open until 8AM during the week and 9AM on Saturdays.

  • We also ask that if you need to pick your furbaby up by a certain time that you please let us know in advance, so that our staff doesn't feel rushed, which can be stressful for them and your pet. We will let you know if we can accommodate or if we will need to reschedule. 

  • Please refrain from showing up early for pick up, we will let you know as soon as your pet is ready. Doing so will excite your pet which will make it harder and riskier to groom, and leads to a longer waiting time. Doing so may lead to ceasing the groom at that point and an inability to take a spa photo. 


  • We do NOT accept dogs younger than 13 weeks of age, and require that have had at least two rounds of puppy vaccines or at least one after 4 months of age. We request that your appointment take place 2 weeks after any core vaccine to ensure that the health of your pet or any other pet visiting us is not put at risk.  

  • Core Vaccines that we require include: Parvovirus (CPV-2), Distemper (CDV), Adenovirus (CAV-2), Parafluenza or feline vaccines. 

  • Pets older than 6mths must have their rabies vaccine. 

  • Signing our services agreement states that your pet has the required vaccines. 

NO Call NO Show and LATE Policy

To maintain fairness to our clients on the waiting list, and the extra staff brought onboard to accommodate the demand, we have implemented a NO call, NO show, and Late fee policy.

Late Fee:

>15 mins: $5 fee

>30 mins: $10 fee if we are still able to accommodate.

A history of excessive tardiness will result in requiring a card on file and payment for the full price of the groom if missed, prepayment or no further appointments made

Last minute Cancellation:

> 24 hrs - 12hrs before appointment is a $5 fee

>12hrs-2hrs before is a $10 fee

>2hrs or less is the same as NO CALL NO SHOW


1st offense: $20 fee added to next appointment

2nd offense: Usual groom price paid in advance in addition to the 1st offense fee

3rd offense: Inability to book any future appointments with us

We have tried hard to refrain from implementing and enforcing such a policy. However, with clients waiting 

5-8 weeks for appointments and additional staff, it is a disservice not to. If you made an appointment with us & were able to get in somewhere else sooner, please let us know.

Please note that special circumstances are taken into consideration. Please do not risk your/our health & safety to bring your pup in. Give us a courtesy call and we will do our best to accommodate.

Payment Methods 

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Cash 

- Check

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